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Voltron characters watch the show ao3

Voltron characters watch the show ao3

fanart by belmeran.tumblr.com
Lance shook his head and pet between Kosmo's ears, reassuring him that all was alright. Kosmo barked before turning away from Lance and flashing off with a ...
Allura was checking on Coran again, even though they all knew he wouldn't be healthy enough to come out of the pod for another quintant, or maybe even two, ...
Neither of them moves and Lance knows it's because they both want to stay in the moment, linger in it a bit longer so it's locked away in their memories ...
Shiro groaned next to him and a wave of relief rolled over him. He turned to find Shiro sitting up and brushing the dust out of his hair. "Hunk?
Matt threw himself into the fight, grabbing at one of the guards staffs as it swung towards Lance, putting himself forward to defend the boy.
CANON. Voltron: Legendary Defender
Fanfic Friday: 10 Voltron Fic Recs!
Fanfiction Fridays: What's my name? by greenglowsgold
art by cyyanide-art
"Let Me Catch My Breath" by Smiles4Voltron on AO3 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! THEY HAVE A SEQUEL TOO!
WE'VE BEEN GIVEN LIKE ONE REASON TO BELIEVE KEITH'S A VALUED MEMBER OF VOLTRON. And that's a huge problem with the narrative, as far as I'm concerned!
Lance (Voltron), Mermaid (From "Moonset Deep" on Ao3) || Speedpaint
Keith and Pidge Texting
those aren't the voltron boys by zZenosyne ...
Can't fool me with your fancy long hair fake Shiro!! (screencapped by me)
Another piece I made for the awesome fanfic "Where the light doesn't reach" by rosegardenlake on ao3. Because the latest chapter broke me and I'm still not ...
Bae Watch Wednesday: Keith Kogane
One of those people had been James Griffin, who hadn't called him a name like that. No, he'd said something about his father that Keith couldn't bear to ...
Chapter Text
How I Explain Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 1 To My Friends
One was up on its knees, ready to launch at them. He seemed to be defending another figure, who hung limp and leaning against the wall further to the back.
Dirty Laundry ...
CANON. Voltron: Legendary Defender
Space Gays (Voltron Crack )
“Uuuhhhh…” Shiro felt like he was reduced into a hundred question marks at this point. He had no idea what to make of this situation.
From the fanfic "Shut Up and Dance with me' It's really good. Check it.out on ao3 Keith / Lance | Pidge
Toxic Fandom: When Criticism and Entitlement Go Too Far
Voltron [Season 6] mini CRACK
(Unofficially) VLD Season 9, Episode 6: Get by with a Little Help
CANON. Voltron: Legendary Defender
K.R.Luna | J.Vulpes
wAiT okay guys go read The boy and the nutcracker by Renommus on ao3 and THEN you will have the same level of SCRREE that I just did (btw sorry it is ...
Story: Lance is the · His (boy)friend?Hello i am back.Story: Lance is the ...
Voltron: Legendary Defender Klance Fanfiction
K.R.Luna | J.Vulpes on Twitter: "Lion's Chain Years 5-10 #klance #fanfic # ao3 #fanfiction #voltron #vld #keith #lance Year 6 - Part 6 Angst Level 1 - Long ...
... Farscape, Supernatural, Stargate: Atlantis, Haikyu/ハイキュー, Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Voltron: Legendary Defender.
Voltron Legendary Defender: Ship Wars and Queer Rep
MemeI love all four but we all know it's true ...
Voltron|Klance|Fanfic-Fanart| Saints and Soldiers by ArtesVeil ...
Keith / Lance **0arcadia** This is from the fic The Mark We Made on Ao3
love is like dirty laundry
The 100 Most Popular Ships on AO3, Ranked
[on Ao3]
CANON. Voltron: Legendary Defender
... Code Geass, Avengers, Ironman, Supernatural, Star Trek: 2009, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Dragon Age, Harry Potter, Psych, Web Shows, Merlin, Lazytown, ...
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Fanfic Pocket Archive Library 17+
Voltron Watching Voltron AU's
better days // voltron
Fic commission for @icypanther_ (icypanther on AO3), for the series “Shooting for the Stars (But Crashing Back Down)”. It's a heartbreaking yet hopeful fic ...
Echo (Macallya) is done! Look at my beautiful android girl!
image image
Illustracion for Fire and Blackness fanfiction on AO3 ;) I can't really draw
His (boy)friend?Hello i am back.Story: Lance is the ...
iPhone Screenshots
(via netflix)
He is reluctant to take over Voltron after Shiro disappears, and struggles to find his way at first. However, he soon figures things out and quickly ...
Did I earn the E rating yet?! Asking! ••• Chapter 9
... #keithxlance #lancexkeith #vld #voltron #redpaladin #bluepaladin #blackpaladin #redpaladinkeith #redpaladinlance #bluepaladinlance #blackpaladinkeith ...
“Well, here I am. What were your other two wishes?” his hand formed a finger gun at them, and he gave a lopsided smile.
Fix Fic
Some soft art from my BNHA Villain Deku Au fic!! It's on AO3,
Voltron Fic Recommendations
OH SHIT 69TH POST YOOOOOOO Part 69 Reunion wall Show: Voltron Ship: Klance #
Nice 〈Credit: okayklance〉 ≪ #PidgeGunderson #KatieHolt #BlackLion #GreenLion #RedLion #Yellow Lion #BlueLion #Voltron #HunkGarrett #TakashiShirogane ...
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The crew is proud to add that aspect of realism where the team don't actually form Voltron right away because they don't know how and they don't work ...
Voltron LD Season 3 Trailer 2 (only posting his bcuz Gal doesn't watch someone who posts this stuff) · 10:33pm Aug 1st, 2017
I'm slowly becoming a series of squares • #potentiala #drawing #doodle #sketch #sketchbook #art #illustration #oc #originalcharacter #character ...
“Whoa There Cowboy” by almaasi! 🖤💛 (334) .
I wrote a little bit of voltron Keitor smut just for fun 😜over on
NEW STORY 🥳🥳🥳 #irondad #spiderson #irondadandspiderson #fanfiction #writing #ao3 #bucketsofstars #myfic #notstarkershit
Space Bound (Voltron AU) by Ally-the-Fox-20 ...
Where the light doesn't reach by Rosegardenlake on Ao3 #voltronlegendarydefender #voltron #
Saw these online, reminded me of this thread:
my (tipsy) friend guesses voltron characters
Harry Yelling at Hermione in Ch.8 of Relief From Nightmares. Go check out
As well as having my story on wattpad.. it's also on ArchiveOfOurOwn! For
Yeee, new filter and subtitles 🙃 also, Im coming back with B99 quotes because
Lotor darling how I've missed you! 😍❤ ❤ ❤️
21 fan fiction ships that have our hearts
Inspiration for the coplays from a fanfiction called Shut Up and Dance With Me by wittyy_name on AO3 with art by wolfpainters on Tumblr.
Remember the last s8 fix it post I made? I wrote a little something for
She-Ra, Fandom, and Diversity in Media at ECCC
Author has written 18 stories for Voltron, and Voltron: Legendary Defender.