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Sallied meaning

Sallied meaning

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Kawano refused to capitulate and sallied from the stronghold, making it to the shore and escaping by boat back across the strait to Iyo.
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Statistics and meaning of name Kinghorn
Over the course of 31 days in the autumn of 2013, the enigmatic British street artist Banksy made New York City his canvas, and the Village Voice was there ...
... more than one meaning (ex, “weird” vs. “weyward” or “solid” vs. “sallied”). I strongly suggest making a table to organize your list and finding a way to ...
Siege of Antioch
Burt moved in my boots and I sallied on up to Rifkin. Before you could sing the first nine notes of the theme from Deliverance I had my right boot off and ...
'When Out the Hellish Legion Sallied'
The Tap: The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and State Fair Food
In all conscience
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Firemen hold their own as wall collapses during the London Blitz, 1941.
The Avaricious Wife And Tricking Gallant Poem by Jean De La Fontaine - Poem Hunter
En route I came across my first Sand Martins of the year when 30+ sallied in the fresh wind.
As Don Brash sallied forth he certainly had Hobson's Choice as he was met by a rain of slings and arrows from all the usual suspects and even by the usually ...
Don Quixote de La Mancha: Timeless Message of Hope and Chivalry
A couple of weeks ago, I took time by the forelock and sallied forth on a shooting trip to Los Angeles. Hollywood, Venice Beach, the California sun ...
Scene of the Battle of the Thermopylae.jpg
I've never attached any meaning or intention to my work in an attempt to capture old imagery in a modern context. It just kinda happens.
Thus fortified, I sallied forth to visit the Toy & Miniature Museum, something I've been meaning to do for years but somehow never got around to it.
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Ichabod Crane
Painting of Joan of Arc at the Siege of Orléans
Carolyn Heilbrun Told You So
Undaunted, O-Billy Wan patched Singlerbot back together and sallied forth to an unknown destiny in far away Oklahoma.
Boats Attacking Whales
El dos de mayo de 1808 en Madrid rdit.jpg
Omnom Chocolate
Tam o' Shanter
Market-ing Meta-physics with Hamlet
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The above images show the set-up and enemy's attack the next turn. The best part is that since the AI is technically attacking, their forces will all run ...
Thus fortified, I sallied forth to visit the Toy & Miniature Museum, something I've been meaning to do for years. The day was a beautiful early spring one ...
Amazon's cloud dwarfs all others, Gartner finds
The brook book; a first acquaintance with the brook and its inhabitants through the .
If you look at any given home it seems idyllic. Food trees — banana, papaya, mango, sapote, are never far from the front door. Chickens, ducks, turkeys and ...
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The Brooklyn Project
After entering the American Revolutionary War on the colonies' side in 1779, Spain drew
Wildmoossee is an “aperiodic mountain lake,” meaning that it is only a lake if there has been sufficient winter snowmelt to fill it.
Santa Claus
When a Friendship Is More Than Friendship: The Tender Letters of Clara Schumann and Johannes
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God Talk
"I came as a friend, Oliver Calvert. But as a foe you have received me. Look to yourself!"
A terrible description has been given of the state of England at this time. This is what the writer tells us of the cruelties of the savage barons: "They ...
Last year @littlejackfilms and I set out to shoot the album cover for “Songs
The church kitchen.
Visual Arts
The garrison of Usk Castle, led by Lord Richard Grey of Codnor, sallied out of their fortress in pursuit. They fell upon the Welsh in the vicinity of (the ...
'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' Quotes
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In February 1912 a seesaw battle raged outside of the ancient city of Derna but the Ottomans failed to take the city. By September the Italians sallied out ...
Jasper Johns, Device Circle, 1959. Encaustic and collage on canvas with object, 101.6 x 101.6 cm. Private collection, New York
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... permaculture in a culture such as this, one is never quite sure whether Albert Bartlett's classic lecture on the exponential function has much meaning.
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Janine knew that smoking cigarettes was causing her skin to look sallow, so she hoped
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First Battle of Panipat (1526)
A poster promoting Willie's first concert at the Armadillo World Headquarters.
... mounted my Scattante, and sallied forth into New York City's hated bicycle infrastructure, when I spotted the fabled rider I had been seeking for ...
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Florists' review [microform]. Floriculture. Sweet Pea Fa •wmy Slop .
5 But ...
... have laid quiet (but not entirely dormant) since the release of 2011's impeccable Doom of the Occult, and have finally sallied forth with its successor, ...
The Meaning of Colors